Promote Your Amateur Videos & Make More Money

Have you always dreamed about porn career but don’t feel like you would like to work for big studios? Do you want to work on your own, amateur, content, have fun and make some extra money? Do you have your own content but can’t find enough audience? QueerTube can help you to be successful and find your new fans!


Video Content Partnership Program
If you have good quality homemade gay porn videos and would you like to get more audience for your fan website where you monetize your content, we can help you and it won’t cost you anything!

How Does It Work?
QueerTube will promote short versions of your homemade videos on QueerTube website and through associated social channels to get your videos as many views as possible. We will promote only the short version of your videos and refer visitors to your fan page if they wish to see the full version or any other videos made by you. This will bring you new visitors and if they will like your work, they will be happy to pay for it.

Where is the catch?
Nowhere, it won’t cost you anything and will require only a minimum effort from your side. We need content for our audience and you need the audience.  Once we agree on our cooperation, we will create your ‘Pornstar’ profile and all your videos will be linked to your profile with all the information about you and also options to link your personal page, blog or fan page.

What Videos Are Accepted For Video Partnership Program?
We would discuss this with your further, but generally speaking, we are looking for creative content that will get the attention of our visitors. At this moment, we accept only a limited amount of Solo videos and unless you do something special, it’s very unlikely to be accepted. Two or more people having sex should be always involved in your videos. Videos should not be too short or too long, we do recommend optimal duration between 3-10 minutes.

How much does it cost?
It won’t cost you anything and we won’t ask you for any payment. However, if you are active on a platform with an affiliate program, for example, OnlyFans, we will be using affiliate links to promote your videos and you may get priority promoting.

Do You Have No Extra Time For Another Platform?
No problem at all, we do understand that you want to focus on creating new content and have no spare time for another platform. We offer more solutions for your needs, one of them is One step drop-off or automatical video fetch. With our One step drop-off solution, all you need is your videos and once your

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